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Virtual/Zoom Classes

If you are interested an a Virtual CPR/First Aid call, please call 301-449-1181.

Below are instructions after you have schedule a date and paid for the class.

Zoom Virtual CPR & First Aid Training Class Instructions

NOTE:  If you are not familiar with the zoom program, we strongly encourage you to attend the Zoom Program Instruction class that starts promptly one (1) hour BEFORE the start of the zoom class.  We will not be able to give instructions on the program once the class starts.  The class will start on time.  I suggest you enter the class a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes before either class starts.  Once either class has started, NO will be let in the class after that.


It might be a good idea to download the zoom program to your computer, tablet, laptop or cell phone. Computers, tablets and laptops work best with the zoom program.  Cell phones will not have all the features available to them that the computers, tablets and laptops have. Choose your device carefully.

To begin start the zoom program.  Select “Join Meeting”.  Enter the meeting ID assigned to your particular class.  Edit the name that will appear for your zoom connection as needed. Select that you will use your devices sound. Follow the instruction on the screen to setup and test microphone and speaker.  Join the meeting.  You will be asked to wait to be admitted.  Once in your microphone will automatically be muted. You will receive additional instructions when you enter.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BE ON TIME FOR THE START OF THE CLASS.  I recommend that you be in the program at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the class.  Again, once the class starts, NO ONE will be admitted after that.

Class rules:

            Your microphone should be muted (shut off) anytime you are not actually speaking.


Your video camera has to be on while you are in class.  This is to verify that you remain in class for the whole class.  You have to attend the whole class to receive credit for the class.

Instructions will be given how to indicate you need or want to speak.  When your name is called and you are told to “go ahead and speak”, then you can unmute your microphone and speak.  When some questions are asked, you will be told how to respond to them without using your microphone.

Additional instructions will be given as needed.

If you have question prior to the class, give us a call at 301-449-1181.


Zoom Movements Within The Program

Now that the class has started, we will not be able to help with connection or sound problems.

If your camera video does not show your name, you will need to tell me your name so I can identify you for attendance and communication purposes.

Views available for zoom

Minimizing participants view (cell phone limited to current speaker (full screen) and last speaker (small screen)

Each person controls their own sound (volume) on their device

If you have earphones available, this will greatly improve your ability to hear more clearly. 

How well your video runs will depend on how strong a wifi signal or phone signal you have.  A slight delay in the video is normal.

Recommend using electrical power with your device for consistent strong streaming.

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